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It´s the end of the Test Manager and you know it…

April 5, 2012

It seems the Test Manager is a species in extinction. In the nineties and first decade of the new millennium a IT project without a Test Manager was not a project.
But things have changed in the past years. The fast upcoming of Agile as IT development strategy has made the classical Test Manager obsolete. The role does not exist anymore.

Does this mean that the Test Manager skill set is also obsolete?
I think that a good Test Manager should be a very good tester. Someone that has reported bugs from day one and still does. When is the last time you identified a bug? If you can´t remember you have a problem.
Maybe a lot of Test Managers have been really disguised project managers being “promoted” to Test manager.

Apart from that a Test manager should be a perfect facilitator and organizer as he has always been in the middle of projects, knows the technology and also the business needs.
I would therefor say a Test Manager should do very well as Scrum master.

My recommendation to the Test Managers is: Use your experience, sharpen your technical skills and get your hands into the testing.

It is not the end, it is just the beginning!